1.  What age can babies start Baby Massage?

They can start at any age, I have had babies as young as 2 weeks!  Generally, the older the babies are, the more massage they tend to do during a session, but it is very much up to you and your baby.

2.  Can they have massage just after vaccinations?

The overriding principle is to be guided by your baby.  Some babies need lots of cuddles after vaccinations, others more sleep and some love massage - in this case we would avoid the vaccination area.

3.  My baby is really not in the mood, can I still join in?

Yes definitely.  The purpose of the classes is to show you the strokes and practice if you can; but really I would like you to take the strokes away to massage at a time that is right for you and your baby.

There are always babies being cuddled, fed and changed or just asleep during sessions, whilst their parent observes and joins in the singing and discussions.

4What if my baby has different needs?

All babies can benefit from baby massage, and positions and strokes can be adapted to your baby's needs.  If you have any particular concerns, however, it's worth checking with a health professional. I have taught babies with talipes, with hip spica casts, and a wide range of health conditions.

5. How can I manage with twins?

It is lovely if your partner is around so that you can massage at the same time, but I have found that twin mothers manage very well on their own as well.  Sometimes one twin is asleep while the other receives massage or they both have a massage in turn!  

6. What about older children being around?

I have had older siblings come to classes - and they have loved it and liked to join in by massaging a doll or favourite toy of their own! The classes are, however, run within school / nursery hours so there is time just to concentrate on the new baby.

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