A Loving Touch

Touch is the first sense to develop and our last sense to go.  Touch helps us in all sorts of ways, it shows love, friendship, comfort and understanding.

We touch our babies a lot, but often with a purpose; to change a nappy, bath, feed or to encourage sleep. 

Baby massage is unique because we use it just for a loving touch, a way of communicating and expressing our love and for no other reason.

Communication and Baby Cues

Having this special time helps communication with our babies; helping us to read their 'cues', understanding their body language and respecting what they are telling us.

As we get to know our babies, our reading of these cues becomes automatic - baby massage can help with this process.

Physical Benefits

Baby massage can help relax both parent and child, helping with sleep as well as colic, wind and constipation.Baby massage can also help to strengthen the baby's immune system, increase muscle tone and body awareness.