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Fiona Mitchell

Baby Massage Instructor

I have been teaching Baby Massage since 2008 and have two qualifications from The International Association of Infant Massage and The National Childbirth Trust.  I love teaching Baby Massage, it is a very special way of connecting with your baby and having  time to just be together and developing your understanding of what your baby is telling you.

'The course was a great way to learn different massage strokes - as well as new songs to sing alongside them!  The leg and tummy ones are particular favourites now!' - Sam

'Fiona is lovely, very friendly' - Amy


'It was wonderful to have dedicated time with my baby - focused time to relax' - Beth


'lovely having the time out to concentrate properly - just mummy and baby' - Tasmin


'Fiona was very personable and friendly.  She went above and beyond to help and advise' - Julia

'Fiona's massage class is amazing!  Such a great teacher who makes sure that you know what you're doing to confidently know how to massage your baby' - Melissa

My Philosophy

For me the heart of the course is all about you and your baby - whatever your baby needs or wants is the first priority, one of my main aims is to encourage communication and understanding between you both.  

The course is run over 5 sessions of around an hour each, with a different set of strokes for each part of the body added each time.  Singing nursery rhymes is an important part of our sessions too!

Building up the massage week by week gives you and your baby the time and space to experience baby massage together, learning a new skill and finding out what the favourite strokes might be in a calm and unhurried way.

You will receive handouts each week of the strokes covered.  This means that you will be able to practice at a time that is good for you and your baby.

To help you get to know each other, each course will have its own WhatsApp group, available for chats, questions and comments.

In order to keep the online courses personal and safe, I limit the class size to 5 - however, don't worry if you have twins, both are welcome!  


The smaller class means that it is easier to get to know each other and that you can see me and the rest of the group easily.

'I haven't been able to get Tommy Thumb out of my head since Wednesday!  thanks for teaching it to us! Rose loves it!!'